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Ocash international company for herbal therapy & beauty Ltd. is the first company to operate in this Field and manages to work by specialist doctors, pharmacists and experts manufacture of medicines according to international standards (European and American) has started work in the production of medicines and cosmetics therapeutic and nutritional supplements for the treatment of incurable diseases and chronic by effectively and very high quality and the testimony of coefficient of the European Union and we started working since 1989 in Jordan then Syrian republic and then the Turkish Republic and the Republic of China and the Republic of South Korea and the State of Cyprus and the Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Kuwait and other countries.


:Our Company Signifies & Provides all Alternative Medicine as the Following

  1. Treatment by the Holly Quran Reading explication
  2. Treatment by Common Names of God
  3. (Treatment by our Prophet Mohammed (peace &blessing be upon him
  4. Water & Magnetic Water Therapy
  5. Power Magnetic Therapy
  6. Bees’ venom Ttherapy
  7. Medical Cupping Therapy
  8. Aroma Therapy
  9. Music Therapy
  10. Color Therapy
  11. Sports Therapy
  12. Herbal Remedies Medicinal & Aromatic
  13. Honey Bees’ Derivatives Treatment
  14. Treatment by Fasting
  15. Pray Therapy
  16. The charity (sadaka) Treatment

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